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Simple B2B product purchasing solution

Updated: January 11, 2021

The shortcomings of today’s online procurement journey are what inspired TradeWiseB2B, an online B2B marketplace designed to simplify the product procurement process. Our goal is to provide you with detailed information to drive purchasing decisions.

- TradeWiseB2B

Sourcing products 20 years ago...

One of my most memorable moments was some twenty years ago. As a young child, I would travel frequently to many countries in search of suppliers and import goods with my family. Finding trustworthy contacts who can supply consistent quality goods was always a challenge.

Speaking the local language was a huge advantage, to help with manoeuvring through complex and time-consuming bargaining and negotiations. Back then, there were no Alibaba, nor any sort of reliable procurement companies. Being on your guard was a constant battle, as vendors were quick to betray their commitments at any given chance.

Even being able to communicate effectively does not spare you from scams. You could have imported a full container of shoes, and checked the product before buying, made sure everything was correct, only to find out the vendor sent each pair of shoes with different sizes when you received the goods. Or you imported a container for wooden furniture, only to find out that the vendor shipped you thin plywoods instead of solid wood furniture. Trickery was present every step of the way, and no one was held accountable.


Procuring globally is a whole different story today, thanks to sites like Alibaba and trade fairs. You are more likely to find verified and serious suppliers with quality goods for every budget. You can easily browse and contact sellers in English and try different companies for your product needs. It is a great time for international trade.

Nevertheless, there are still numerous challenges when you procure and source globally. With so many companies offering similar products and different price points, how do you choose? Which companies are the direct sources and which are the intermediaries? How do you communicate effectively and timely? Who to contact for consolidation and shipping?

The shortcomings of today’s online procurement journey are what inspired TradeWiseB2B, an online B2B marketplace designed to simplify the product procurement process. Our goal is to provide you with detailed information to drive purchasing decisions.

Instant procurement

Seamless purchasing platform to ensure instant online transaction.

Every company that we have partnered on TradeWise has comprehensive product information available in a standardised manner to help you complete a procurement journey from start to finish within a few clicks. No more endless back and forth communication with delays, and browsing multiple pages trying to remember which supplier sells what. We aim to marry technology with convenience to the highest level.

Faster sourcing

Save time and money. Get products to your customers faster.

Contacting your suppliers can also be time-consuming. It's one question, one answer type of communication, and you may easily get lost in translation. The different time zones further add delays and hinder effective communication. Gone are the days where you need to physically travel to source products or exchange communication with suppliers online back and forth. We have hand-picked our entrusted suppliers for safety and convenience. Browse product offerings from Australia, China, Netherlands and Turkey.

Quality Suppliers

Hand-picked vetted and trusted suppliers, to ensure product quality.

Being an avid user of Alibaba myself, I noticed a growing gap that affects my procuring journey. This entails the never-ending research on different company profiles, as there are so many offering similar products and price points. Which one to choose among all the certified suppliers? Are they direct sources or intermediaries? Which one of them is the original manufacture and which ones are the copycats? It gets increasingly difficult to distinguish and select based on just a database.

At TradeWise, we do all the work for you so you can simply purchase with a few clicks. We conduct thorough screenings to our suppliers to ensure they are the direct sources with reputable product qualities.

Consolidation and shipping

Single point of contact for consolidation, shipping and export.

We understand that shipping costs and finding the right forwarder are also a significant consideration during procurement, so we have added the option of taking care of the consolidation and shipping for you.


Scale procurement with instant volume discounts, save on large orders.

On TradeWise, you skip on discount negotiations as we have already done that for you. Each supplier will show its volume discount thresholds so that all information is clear and transparent.

Personal procurement

Can’t find what you are looking for? Tailored service is available.

TradeWise is always adding new suppliers to provide diversified product catalogues. However if you cannot find specific products, you can rely on us to give you a one-on-one personalized procurement service. Simply reach out to us and tell us your needs, and we will find suitable suppliers for you.

Whether you are a buyer looking to purchase products or a seller searching for an effective sales platform, TradeWise is the right place to be. We are committed to make TradeWise an ever-growing online B2B marketplace to make your procurement journey as easy as possible. Amid current limitations of travel and uncertainties, we strongly believe that our platform is not only in demand but also the future of international procurement.


See our Australia, China, Netherlands and Turkey catalogues to see products in store.